RDE - Real Driving Emissions.
Prevention. Reduction. Clean air.


Radical toxic emissions reduction of all light vehicles on the road.

To comply with legal emission limits.

ECOSTRIES® Real Drive Emission Technology for diesel - gasoline - hybrid, used and new cars, brand comprehensive, euro 1-6.

It is a game changer.

The ECOSTRIES® Automotive Clean Emissions Act is more than 30 times more efficient than software updates and possible urea solutions together.

Solves all tasks and is 6 times more efficient environmentally and economically than electric vehicles for the next decade.

Transforms all conflicts in an economic common benefit with high impact and high momentum.ecostries eccc people 20

It solves the wide range of claims and conflicts of interest on a neutral political, non-profit space with a great economic common benefit for all parties involved.

ECOSTRIES® Automotive Clean Emissions Act unites the demands of technology, finance and execution in one solution.

High environmental, social and cultural benefit include maintenance of health, nature and life quality, cost reduction and conservation of values.

Opens a trillion non-profit market worldwide and creates additional thousands of new jobs.

The golden bridge towards zero emission mobility.



It is not enough to retrofit euro 5 and euro 6 light vehicles. These light vehicles updates do not even make 8% of the total toxic emissions reduction. In addition, only 50% of affected light vehicles are retrofitted by the manufacturers and achieve only 20% reduction from the overlaid permitted values with increasing fuel consumption. The industry is not in a position to reach the toxic prescribed emission values of the entire existing vehicle fleet with software updates and avaliable urea systems. The reduction of the toxic emissions of the affected light vehicles with a software update nevertheless exceed 10 times the permitted setpoint. The legal requirements can never be fulfilled. There will be no improvement in air quality in cities, metropoles and countries. In this case, it would be better to withdraw the approval from the vehicles.

Industrial bosses are not elected by citizens, but the government.
Through an industrial dependency, civil society is not capable of acting. 
The government and the civil society are not able to implement technical solutions by means of an apparent industrial dependency.

Or is it possible?  Yes, it is possible.

An independent all-in-one technological solution "beyond the state of the art" that does not come from the car industry. 
Developed by highly committed people, scientists, engineers from the fields of engine construction, mechanical engineering and electronics with responsibility for our environmental. Embedded in an economic non-profit scheme. Powered by people like you and me.

The ECOSTRIES® Automotive Clean Emissions Act.
The resulting profits are reinvested in the important tasks of our society. Investment for the improvement of the living conditions of the citizens.

Any light vehicle with an internal combustion engine emit toxic emissions. All light vehicles with diesel and gasoline engines must be retrofitted to really improve air quality. Full coverage. The whole fleet produce CO2 and toxic emissions. Some cars more, some less.
The ECOSTRIES® Automotive Clean Emissions Act is cutting the exceedances.

"It is a game changer".
The ultimate and most economical solution in all aspects to end the air pollution crisis in cities, metropoles and countries. 

Result of the technical function for light vehicles
Homogenization of fuel mixture and combustion in the RDE - Real Driving Emissions.

Focuses the combustion process on the desired production of CO2 while reducing unwanted side reactions.

As a result the combustion process becomes more efficient. The generation of toxic emissions is drastically reduced and resources and materials are spared.

- Toxic emissions are drastically reduced up to 95% (euro 1-6) weather conditions independent
- CO2 emissions are reduced up to 15%
- Consumption of AdBlue® is reduced (euro 5/6b/6c)
- Catalyst and filter life is improved and extended (no sooting)

Results of the design
Wide application.

- Light vehicles with norm euro 1-6, diesel, gasoline, hybrid
- All manufacturers, all types, every age, easy installation and service
- No technical changes to the vehicles
- Official approval
- Plug & Drive installation
- Decreasing fuel consumption
- Operating license, insurance cover and manufacturer warranty are respectively valid

ECCC - ECOSTRIES® Connected Clean Car
Evaluation of results.